The Pathways Precalculus materials are accompanied by a collection of over 1000 online homework questions that are aligned with the course investigations. The homework questions are hosted in a full-featured course management and math assessment platform, IMathAS.

The online homework system features:

  • Questions of multiple types: multiple choice, numerical entry, formula/expression entry, graphing and more.
  • A full gradebook that tracks students’ performance on the online homework sets (offline grades can also be entered and factored into the gradebook).
  • A forum system so that students can post and answer questions on forum threads.
  • Easy question authoring so that instructors can write their own additional homework questions to fit their individual needs.

Sample Problems

Below are a few sample problems from the online homework system. Note that grading methods can be altered and customized by the instructor within the homework system, and therefore the grading and feedback of the questions below are not necessarily representative of how the homework system will behave when students are using the system.